Pan-Kerala Comprehensive Beach Clean Up and Marine Debris Documentation Program Launched

For the first time, a comprehensive BEACH CLEAN-UP and Marine Debris Documentation in Kerala was launched on World Oceans Day, the 8th of June 2023, under the joint auspices of the University of Kerala Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries and the Department of Fisheries, University of Kerala. This initiative, supported by the Ecomarine Project of the University and funded under the Erasmus + scheme of the European Union, will follow the international shoreline survey protocol of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA, for marine debris documentation.

At the state level, the programme was inaugurated by the Minister for Fisheries, Government of Kerala, Mr Saji Cheryian, at Mavilakadappuram Beach in Kasaragod district. In all the coastal districts of Kerala the district-level inauguration programmes were done by various elected representatives. The programme was launched in all nine coastal districts of Kerala in collaboration with colleges and citizen scientists.

The initiative was launched to raise awareness, engage communities, and foster long-term change by organising extensive beach clean-up activities and implementing a comprehensive documentation system. Through the Comprehensive Beach Clean-Up and Marine Debris Documentation Program, participants will have the necessary tools and guidance to collect and document marine debris found along the coastline with expert scientists. This data will be meticulously recorded and analyzed, providing valuable insights into the types of debris, their sources, and potential mitigation strategies. By generating accurate data on marine debris, we will be better equipped to advocate for policy changes, raise public awareness, and inspire individuals to reduce plastic consumption and adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

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