15th Online Partners meeting – 28/07/22

The ECOMARINE partners had their online monthly meeting on the 28th of July 2022. Partners discussed all the final details about the 1st Theoretical Training Course between 9-11 September and the 1st Physical ECOMARINE meeting on 12-13 September that will take place in Cyprus (University of Cyprus) .

The consortium discussed, also, the next two trainings of the project that will take place in the next months. In particular, all information about the training in Spain, which has been finalized, will be sent to partners in September and it was pointed out the need to specify the exact days of the practical training that will be held in Greece next spring (2023).

Administrative and financial issues were also discussed and in terms of dissemination, it was agreed to prepare a press release with the participation of all partners about their expectations and interest on the ECOMARINE project.